Team Friesian

Who we are!

Welcome to Team Friesian! Our team is based in Thessaloniki and specializes in carriage rental services for events, weddings, baptisms, and photo shoots.

Our People

We also provide transportation services for your horse. Our modern trailers are equipped with all the necessary safety features to ensure that your horse reaches its destination safely and comfortably. Whether you need transportation for your horse to a new stable, a competition, or a veterinary hospital, our team is here to help.

Our Horses


11 YO pure breed Friesian documented, Stud, available for breeding, athletic, trained for carriage, endurance winner 1st place in Greece. Also available for riding lessons.


2 YO pure breed, daughter of Ramiro, currently in training.


8 YO pure breed female, multiple uses, carriage, breeding, riding lessons as well.


She is 12 yo female, currently pregnant expecting, endurance winner and available for lessons


Newborn female Friesian, daughter of Alexia and Ramon.